Advancing Today’s Technology

Fully Funded Scholarship for the Winner


There will be series of examination/tests and interviews to be able to do the sorting, by obtaining the best out of the numerous. This phase of the activity will be completed within three months

Who We Are

GHTECHTALK is an educative and innovative television programme designed to embark and propagate the interest of the Ghanaian youth in the current world of technology. GHTECHTALK is a quiz competition that will involve all Ghanaian youth to bring out their technological know how. This programme GHTECHTALK was brought into being under the auspices of Mr. Daniel Kusi Afari, popularly known as “DEPAXY” in association with a renowned television station IRON TV.

Being the first of its kind, it will involve all the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana. Only three competent participants will be chosen to represent each of the sixteen administrative regions in the country (Ghana) during the stipulated time of the quiz competition. Below is the list of the sixteen administrative regions of Ghana.


Ahafo Region                                                  Ashanti Region

Bono Region                                                    Bono-East Region

Central Region                                                Eastern Region

Greater Accra Region                                     North-East Region

Northern Region                                             Oti Region

Savanna Region                                              Upper East Region

Upper West Region                                         Volta Region

Western Region                                              Western-North Region


  • To enhance the Ghanaian youth to execute simple and complex tasks using technology.
  • To broaden the knowledge of the Ghanaian youth in ICT.
  • To project the Ghanaian youths’ interest in technology.


  • To help the needy but brilliant students in computer and technology to attain the greatest height in their career.
  • To provide multiple technological gadgets to motivate and encourage the learning of computer and technology.


  • Enthusing the Ghanaian youth in technology
  • Whipping the interest of the Ghanaian youth in the IT world.

Awards Presents

The winners (a group of three member) will be offered scholarship to pursue their undergraduate degree in a foreign country. Within these three winners, the one that secures most points for the team will be given full scholarship and the other two will obtain partial scholarships.

The second-placed team will be given technology related gadgets of all kinds. In view of this, the winners will also obtain those gadgets for their immense participation. Also, certificate of participation will be issued to all participants o the QUIZ competition as a form of motivation and future recognitions.

Competition Proper

The competition (QUIZ) will involve two contestants at a time. Thus, two regions in a contest at a time. It will be telecast on IRON TV on every Saturday between the hours of 9 AM and 11 AM. In order to meet the academic calendar, the programme will commence from May and will end in July, that is three months duration.